Chronicles of Cook Blogging Part 3

I'm so proud of myself for putting everything out there in the sense of fashion and things that I love in life. This is me without make-up in my lounge around the house clothes. I will say it's a scary jump to put yourself on the internet with 'all the feelings' and things I like, but it's been quite gratifying and has really fired up my neglected "creative side."  So thank all of you that read the blog, support me and a huge high five for just being you. 

With that being said, my boyfriend recently surprised me with an early christmas present. He saw me struggling with my pictures and my constant frustration with many things, but in particular 'lighting.' I set the lights up this weekend and wanted to show you the raw images and the HUGE difference it can make in a photo, and I am so excited to learn more about it. 

The image on the left is with the new lighting and the image on the right is with just the Nikon built in flash... OMG, right? No filters, no modifications just pure snap. I'm in love with my new lighting and I can't wait to start taking some really great photographs! Mind my lack of make-up, and unkempt hair but that's my new varsity jacket and Girlfriend Collective leggings. I'm SO STOKED to shoot some really cool images!

Wishing everyone a fabulous week!

XX // AC