Chronicles of Cook Blogging Part 2

Fall in Texas...  let's put it this way it's 86 degrees outside and putting on a sweater will basically just make you sweat (cute, i know!)

With that being said, below is the closest to a fall look that I can achieve without pretending that it's 50 out and still smile, or smirk, or whatever my 'go to blogging face is.' Stay tuned it's still undefined.

Some of you might know that my blog had been around for 7 years, we've gone through some ups... and some downs (aka no posting) but it's always been something that I love to do. I love fashion, photography and curating. While I ramp up my photo/lightroom/writing skills, enjoy the awesomeness of the re-growth of the blog, and feel free to laugh with me. Wait until the blooper pictures come out... they are EPIC.

In the meantime, here's my new go to outfit, with a beautiful view of my back patio.