Cozy Cardigans

There's nothing that speaks to me more than a long cozy cardigan. I LOVE sweaters, especially cozy, soft, oversized sweaters. This sweater from Knot Sisters which I picked up in Nashville (at my fav store Posh) is all of the above. I also love that it's a rust color because it goes with brown, black and tan so no matter what boot I decide to wear I'm in the clear! 

On a different note, I got my camera fixed... or in all reality I bought a new lens because I dropped my other one. I know it was a painful experience for me as well. Nonetheless, I am back up and shooting and am really enjoying the new lens! I can't wait to start experimenting with it more and potentially get outdoors once this monsoon blows over.

Today's look is perfect for Austin's rainy almost cold weather. Shirt is from Target (I will always love me some Target), sweater is Knot Sisters, pants AG Jeans and shoes are from a random boutique in Santa Monica when I went forever and half ago. 

Lastly, I have been getting a few questions about my hair. I get my hair done by Heather Olexa here in Austin (LOVE HER), I use a 2" curling wand and Outer Space by R+Co on my hair to make it stay put.

Hoping this rainy weather in Austin subsides before the weekend. Happy Wednesday Y'all.

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