Turtlenecks, French Lace & Closet Cleansing

Tres Chic & Closet Cleansing

There's something to be said about a delicate lace, a french lace if you will. It's so feminine and delicate that it adds a classic and timeless  look to whatever you pair it with. This skirt I got from Anthropologie and paired it with a black tissue turtleneck from J.Crew. To spice things up I added in my sassy Zara heels. 

I've decided that in January I would give my closet a cleanse. There's been many times that I've walked into my closet and said "ugh, I have nothing to wear." When in reality I'm just losing my ability to be creative with the items that hang in front of me. 

One of my many new years resolutions (post to follow on that) is to be more creative with the items in my closet. No, that doesn't mean I'm giving up my addiction/coping mechanism (aka shopping) but taking a step back and adding a little creativity to the mix. Hopefully in the process I'll donate some items that I no longer wear. 

A few years back Kendi Everyday did a similar challenge, so I challenge all of you to do the same for the remainder of January, or really whenever you are feeling down on your closet. Get creative, and cleanse that closet... if not to only clean it out but to make room for the new! 

I will update you on my closet cleanse on the blog and on insta @aliciancook with the hashtag #LoveLiClosetCleanse