Confessions of Blogging Part: III; More on Vulnerability

Do you ever feel like the Universe is testing you to the max? (Warning this could get lengthy)

I've decided to post once a week about psychological things and stages in life or things my life that I have gone through or are going through, because I believe you deserve to see the good the bad and the beautiful.

If you know me personally the end of 2016 and into 2017 has been particularly challenging (no pity parties allowed.) A few weeks ago I posted about vulnerability. I've been reading a book called The Gift of Imperfection by Brene Brown. This has really hit home for me because I feel like I have hit bump after bump after bump and have not fully addressed these feelings with myself. I constantly go to others to talk about my problems or have them "try" to fix my problems when the reality of this is that NO one else except for me can fix it.

One theme that the book by Brene talks about is leaning into the discomfort of things. We as humans want to be accepted, sometimes to the point where we alter who we really are deep down to be accepted and that ultimately leads to unhappiness. I find myself falling into phases of life where I want to be accepted (as everyone does) but when it comes down to it, I love being me. I love that I can recognize what I need to do to change to be 100% happy with me and that I will actually DO IT. Self- doubt and self-criticism is and will always be my biggest downfall.

"What makes you vulnerable makes you BEAUTIFUL." For more inspiration, watch this Ted-talk that I really should listen to every morning. It's GREAAAATTTTTT. 

I find when I can be vulnerable (like now) and when I am ultimately happy I am creating my art - aka images/blog/talking to the black hole of the internet, because I think somewhere over the rainbow someone might be going through something similar and just one post or Tedtalk might help.

So here's an image I took of myself- the first one below, during a dark time, looking very happy. I spoke with a friend about this and I asked, 'why can I feel so unfulfilled inside, but seem so happy on the outside?' Her response was the greatest response I've received... 'because YOU are DOING what YOU LOVE. period.'

Keep doing what you love.

Also, more pictures below of this Lush dress I fell in love with that makes me feel great, plus it's a great transition item from winter to spring. The art of clothing should make you feel a certain way. So put on something beautiful and go rock today, because you are awesome and you are you. Never forget to have the compassion to be kind to yourself, you are your numero uno.