Casual Attire & Chronicles of Cook Volume V

Do you ever get stuck in a rut to the point where you are unable to move forward with a project?

I certainly do, especially when it comes to creativity. It doesn't matter if you are in business, art, legal or blogging everything we do requires a little bit of creative thinking. I personally am my own biggest critic, so when I don't meet my own expectations I get stuck into the 'I don't feel like creating anything phase.'  Yep that includes cooking, we've successfully eaten out for a week. Sick, I know. 

So far I have done the following to reignite my creative side:

  • Take walks around the block and take pictures of nature (no joke I found a jasmine arch over a public sidewalk - so cool, and it smells AMAZING)
  • Letting go of the guilt - It's totally ok to do less
  • Write down the small things that I have accomplished (THIS ONE IS HUGE)
  • I totally bought a doodle book
  • Realizing that it's just a phase and it's temporary
  • Start setting boundaries (and saying No) - More to come on this

All in all when you are overwhelmed and you are transitioning in any aspect it can take a lot out of you so self-reflection is key, remember what you need before you decide to help others. 

One of my go-to casual outfits is jeans and a Tee. I loved the fit of these distressed jeans and the flow-y-ness of this top. It's casual and can be dressed up or down. Comfort is key, and speaking of comfort my favorite shoes are BACKKKK. Shop the look below and on my shop the look page.