The Sunrise Project

Here's a fun fact about me... 

I've NEVER been a morning person. What about all those 6am swim practices, you might ask? Nope... hated it, every morning. Jumping feet first into that freezing cold water... was painful, every single time. However, there was some satisfaction after getting out of the pool at 6:45 energized and ready for the day. With that being said, this week I will be trying the whole go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 5:30-6 thing. Today is day 1... so we shall see what the day holds. The coffee has kicked in and I am (i think) ready for the day.

Also, I would like to add that this is a milestone for me. I actually woke up - got dressed, set up the photo lighting, took pictures, edited them and am blogging all before 7:30am. Not to mention I am actually wearing what I took pictures of today *GASPS*. If I could do this everyday I would, but snapping pics every AM, editing them and getting the content up all before heading into my full-time job *pats self on back* is not as easy as it sounds; or maybe I just need to up my morning caffeine intake.   

Today is one of my co-workers last day at work and we are headed to a ladies lunch. I decided to throw on my fav Tar-jayy dress similar one here and super cute similar one here and paired it with my super cozy and casual-ish sandals by Dolce Vita. I added in this Amuse Society bandana I permanently borrowed from my friend Katie who works at Posh in Nashville. ;) 

Happy Wednesday everyone, HALF WAY TO THE WEEKENDDDDDDD.