Motivational Monday

Monday's are always hard. You're just coming off the weekend in which you get to do whatever you want, and then Sunday night you start thinking about all the things you need to do when you get into the office. Blah.  

So, I'm here to help you understand that Monday's can ROCK. The first think you need to understand is that everyone works differently, but here's how I am going to kill it on Monday. 

1. Stick to a morning routine. For me that looks like a 6(ish) wake up call. Coffee in bed, a little social media and blogging and then getting ready for work. 

2. Make a to do list. I have 3, my inbox (flagging important e-mails), I use Trello, for task management across departments and then the old handy dandy written to do list. I generally tackle the task that I am dreading the most so that I can get on with my day afterwards. 

3. Exercise (or take time for yourself) on Monday's I go to Yoga. Other days I generally take walks around downtown austin, or I will walk into Anthro and absorb the amazingness of colors and style. Make sure you are putting your self first! 

4. Small progress is still progress. Realize that sometimes you will not accomplish everything that you wanted to that day, and that's OK. Don't beat yourself up, there's always tomorrow. 

5. Reflect and relax. One of my first jobs out of college I learned that I needed to write down my accomplishments of the day so that I was tracking what I had accomplished. There are many times people will completely forget what they accomplished that day, so remind yourself. You're a bad ass and don't EVER beat yourself up on things that don't get done. There's only so many hours in the day. 

So go kill it today!