Style Project: Band Tee

 If you guys have not seen my styled challenge on instagram.... y'all should check it out! I challenge any subscribers to send in a article of clothing (via DM or e-mail) to have me style that item! That can be via link, picture or really anyway that you would like. 

This week was "how do I style a band tee for a concert." Challenge accepted...

Being a rock-kinda girl by nature I loved this challenge and took it to the next level. What is rock kinda girl you ask, well I love 90's-00's rock pretty hard, If you have never seen my random Instagram stories with me singing Rage against the machine or Korn you are sorely missing out my friend. If you have missed them don't worry there's more to come, I'm sure of it.

Instead of styling this submission via internet images, which I've done previously. I luckily had all the ingredients to style this at home and managed to get it all done in a night. Here's how I would style a band tee for a concert.

The first way I styled it was with a jean skirt and some JC booties. This keeps it casual and still a little leggy, work with what you were given am.i.righttt???

Shop the looks down below...

Shop the look here:

The second way I styled this was a little dressier but a little bit more fashion forward. I paired it with a flared black skirt some sassy pumps and my new favorite sunnies!

Shop the second look here:

How do you wear your band tee's?