Monday Blues & Yumi Kim

Good Morning Everyone. It has been quite a while since I have checked in on the blog. So, I thought re-debuing my favorite dress would be a great re-introducation.


I've recently taken more on at my 9-5 job (and by 9-5 I mean start-up - so not really 9-5). It's been quite challenging to be able to toggle between maintaining my creativity my role at the start-up and home life. I've been dealing with that, among many other things. Plus this weather has been quite depressing. I did however want to share this lovely dress that I found by Yumi Kim. I have always loved their designs but recently saw this one and knew it was the perfect transition dress from Summer to Fall. Especially one that could be worn to a wedding in either season. Throw on some booties and BAM! Fall wedding ready.

On a side note, I've been feeling a bit down on the whole blogging scenario. While it's much more work than once can imagine, it's also so competitive and over saturated that it almost takes the joy out of putting together outfits and posts as well. I took a little month break, but I will be back. A lot of women that I've encountered in the industry are either a) amazingly helpful or b) want nothing to do with you. This has been quite an eye opener for me. 

Nothing that I post is sponsored unless otherwise stated. I work with brands I love and I wouldn't have it any other way! In conclusion, I love my blog what I feel it represents and I will continue to do so and focus more time on content and less on Instagram posts. 

I will say I will be doing a really fun event on September 14th at the Domain for anyone that is interested in attending! I will be sending out details soon!

Wishing everyone a Happy Monday!