My Skincare Routine

Since I was young I've always put my skin regimen on the back burner. I washed my face with the standard Clinique 3 pack set and let the sun and the chlorine dry up my skin. I wasn't into a routine at all, I fell asleep in my makeup and it was always a trip to the drugstore to find the newest product that would help with the dryness or occasional breakout. Until I hit my mid 20's...


It was at that moment I realized what the sun had started to do to my skin, lots and lots of freckles and dark spots. I immediately bought some dark spot removal serum (I also think it was Clinique) and it actually WORKED! It was from that day forward I promised myself that I would be more conscious of what I put on my face. 

Everyone's skin is different, each climate proposes different challenges and you never know what your face will like or hate until you try it. There are 3 things that I've found make up a great skin regimen. 



This has and still continues to be an experiment for me as I get older. I can tell you what I currently use and what I LOVE. I first use a coconut milk cleanser by Eminence, and then I use it again. Yep, I was told once when getting a facial to always cleanse twice. Since this cleanser is mild and doesn't strip your natural oils away there's no harm. Sometimes if I'm feeling sassy, but really 2 times a week I use a micro scrub exfoliator mixed in with the coconut cleanser. I love 2 exfoliators the first one is by SkinCeuticals and I leave this one in the shower. The second scrub I use is organic and smells like a fresh herb garden by OY-L (pronounced OIL) and I am OBSESSED. It feels and smells amazing. Next up I use a rose spray and a face serum combined with my face oil. This has been a game changer for me, I am not 100% in love with a certain serum or oil so these I change out a bit. 


There are a few masks/peels that I use but there is 1 that I stand by 100%, Erno Laszlo White Marble Vitamin-C Peel. OMGGGGGGGGG.... if you are to splurge on a peel ever, make it this one. My skin feels like I just got an hour long facial. It doesn't burn, I don't have any issues afterwards, like normal peels, and it makes my skin feel brand new. 

Bonus Round - If your skin is extra dry buy some small packets of Coconut Oil (I got mine from Trader Joe's) and put a small amount on before you go to bed for a night mask. Ask my friends, I make them do this when they sleep over and it's a GAME CHANGER.



I am a regular exerciser. I am a firm believer that when you sweat, you sweat out the toxins not only in your body but in your face. Just make sure not to wear makeup when you workout and always at least smash some water on your face afterwards. I've always had a active lifestyle, but there have been some inactive times that also let to poor food choices that my skin hated. 



Some days I drink at least 2 gallons of water before noon, other days I have 2 cups. When I am well hydrated, not only is my body happy, but so is my skin. Chug water every time you can. 

All in all, this is what I have found that works for me and hopefully some of these might work for you as well. I will follow up next week on some foundations and make-up products that I love. 

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