Tuesday Shoes-day: Designer for Less


There’s always that coveted shoe, and for me these shoes have basically been in my dreams for at least 5 years (maybe more - I’d have to fact check when they came out.) If I had the guts I would have dropped the $1400 on the shoes a while back, but clearly since they are not in my closet I have not pulled the trigger, and I’m pretty sure my wallet thanks me.


Rambling aside, I was browsing Amazon the other day and found that they makes some pretty spectacular dupes (duplicates for the non millennials.) I then went on a ‘let’s go to the end of the internet and back and see what else I could find. To my surprise, I found a lot. Some good some BAD, but here were the ones that I thought were the best.

Price aside, my thoughts on this are that you really should be buying the original design by the original designer. I respect the art and the design of the artist. HOWEVER, I think I’m going to get these just to see how they measure up… worst case scenario I can return them. Best case scenario I can wear them all fall and winter.