Valentine's Day Outfits

I always thought Valentine's day was a hoax, an excuse to have to buy gifts, seemingly get dumped or spend the night watching crappy J.Lo movies alone with a bucket of ice cream. Now that I'm older and have had each one of those 'Valentine's Days' under my belt, I've come to realize it's not about cards, material things or flowers... it's about love and appreciating the ones you love and showing them that you love them. Whatever your current situation is single AF, married, dating engaged... I think it's a great opportunity to write a quick note to friends family and loved ones about how much you love them. While you're at it you might as well "TREAT YO SELF!"


All that aside it's also a great excuse to get together and wear lots of pink and red (especially if you are engaged to a Gator fan, red is a rarity over here.) Here are some of my fav looks and valentines day cozies.