You may know, or may not know... I recently got engaged (and by recently I mean it's almost been 3 months.)  Go ahead ask me the question that everyone is dying to ask? I have no idea when we're getting married, how were getting married or where. :) 

However, I do know that I love me some white dresses and parties. Recently, I had some amazing friends throw me a engagement party. You can imagine the amount of searching I did for an amazing white dress. I had a couple ladies ask me for some white dress suggestions so I did the ultimate round-up for you. 

There were 3 places that I primarily went when I started looking for a white dress.

  1. Trunk Club (Hint if you have a Nordstrom card they waive the styling fee)
  2. Rent the Runway (I have been doing UNLIMITED - click here for $30 off)
  3. Lulu's - because they have have cute trendy white dresses and shoes (it's my guilty - but not really guilty because it's not too expensive- pleasure)

Here are my favorite's that I rounded up and I will be featuring a new one on Instagram each Wednesday for #WeddingWednesday!


This one was and I'm going to be honest MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!!!!!! OMGGG, this dress is a dream. It's by Dress the Population check out their collection {HERE}. YOU WILL see me in this dress at some point again... I promise. It fit like a glove and made everything look perfect. I swear, the sequins were places in all the right places to accentuate all the right things. I felt like a YASSS QWEEENNNNN. Sass, class and a little bit of ass. 


So while the sequin number did things to my heart I can't even begin to describe, the dress below was right up my alley... boho chic, a little sexy and a little beachy (Florida remember??!) BTW- This dress would be great for bridesmaids (NOTE: it's wicked LONG and comes in multiple colors.)


but can we talk about THESE SHOES???!!!!! GAHHHHHH..... 


This Ted Baker dress was oozing with class, but unfortunately was entirely too large for me, so I had to send it back. I did love the fun print and way that it was structured, I just didn't have time to get it altered. 


All in all, ask my friends and fiancé, it took me trying on at least 6 dresses, 2 insta polls and a glass of wine to decide the winner... 

Here's the one I wore.....


I wore this because it was Austin, it was me, and it made me feel like a bride... but not 'I'm renting out Hamptons Yacht Club kinda bride.' ;)