Shoes For Every Bride-to-be!

In a normal world, one picks out a wedding venue then one pick out a date. You know how it goes, then the dress and then the shoes.... not in my world! 


In my world. One picks out shoes and then the location, because well, SHOES. 

I'm not one to talk much about weddings and honestly I am 2 months in and have NOT EVEN A CLUE a date or a location. I have been having a few family issues and have been procrastinating like a BOSS. 

Regardless, that will not stop me from purchasing SHOES on SHOES on SHOES. Today I'm going to show you some shoes that I've purchased as well as some of my top picks by bride. You know... boho, classic, edgy, fun.... the list can go on. 

For the Boho Bride:


For the Sassy Bride



For the Floral Bride:

For the Classic Bride: