Chronicles of Cook Part 8: Being in Tune with YOU

As I sit here with my 4 self help books, a therapy app, a therapist on call and a very depleted body; I've come to the realization that I have not been taking care of myself.

Being in tune with you!.png

My therapist always asks, 'Are you taking care of yourself?' I'd dabble about things that I would do here and there, yea yea I took a bath the other day, I tried to meditate... but deep down I knew that I wasn't, until about a week ago. Hi I'm Alicia I'm thirty-something and I finally started taking care of myself.


It's been 2 month's since I've written a blog. Not a here are some shirts blog an actual 'HEY my name is Alicia and my life consists of XYZ blog'. I fought through so many days and nights trying to convince myself to just do what you love, just write a blog about you and what trends and fashion you love right now. Just get back to that enthusiastic, fun, passionate Alicia that everyone knows. Yet somehow I couldn't.


Instead I would mindlessly cruise to the end of the internet and back, online shop too much, drink more wine than I should, stop working out and so on and so forth. In a sense I forgot who I was... I was lost in this space of numb.


I've been battling with myself for over a year. I've also been working on myself for over a year. It wasn't until today that I woke up HAPPY. SAY WHAT? I know. I mean, I've had moments of happy, but waking up just happy. That happened for me for the first time today, and it was AWESOME.


I could probably go on and on about the things that led me to the state of numb that I was in and I wish I could tell you how I got out of it but I'm not really sure. I'm sure it has a lot to do with living a balanced life. I'm talking, getting enough sleep, drinking water, reading, exercising, eating like I care about my body, taking vitamins, reengaging in life and people. Listening to people (like really really listening to them.) Believing that the FUCKING UNIVERSE is on my side. Yes, I'm one of those UNIVERSE people. I love reading my horoscope, the magic 8 ball app makes a lot of decisions (or did) in my life and I think that when there's a full moon shit gets weird.


Today I feel like sharing that I am in a good place because I remembered that there are people that love me, I am healthy and am in control of my emotions. I think the main thing that got me to where I am today is that I am not thinking about the future (in an anxious way) or the past failures (trust me I'm hard on myself) I'm just living today and doing what I am capable of... and giving myself a huge pat on the back.


If you are feeling down... just remember there's always a light at the end of the tunnel you just have to keep going through it to get there, because if you stop and dwell you might lose your path.

....And just because I'm a "fashion blogger" and sometimes "makeup blogger" and occasionally a total goofball (occasionally ha) here's some fashion for you.

I picked this picture because it shows one side of me... and I'm ready to show you the other side. The good the bad and the goofy. Plus I love this jumpsuit. :)