Wellness Month: 3 Steps for Great Skin

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I’m 30-something I have hormonal breakouts, food breakouts, beginning signs of aging… you name it. I have it. So I’m sharing some secrets that I learned from a Medical Esthetician that you can do RN… keep reading for tips and a treat.

I’ve always been a person who loves a good facial. I’ve gotten many over my years. Today I want to talk to you about my first experience getting a tailored plan to my face as well as 3 things you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your skin. I know what you’re thinking, Alicia you have no idea about what’s good for your skin. Partially correct, I’m learning… but a medical Esthetician sure does. Knowledge dropping starts NOW:

This week I went to Massage Sway, a local massage and facial facility that was created by 2 women in Austin. In Austin we LOVE entrepreneurs and supporting local businesses. Massage Sway is fabulously decorated with chandeliers and big comfy couches. You are greeted with a nice warm cup of chamomile tea (or wine if you please) and are placed in a cozy waiting room.

As I was waiting for my Medical Esthetician, Shannon, I was pleased with how comfortable and relaxing the waiting room was. I probably could have taken a nap. When Shannon and I started walking to our room she asked what type of facial that I wanted, naturally my response was, whatever you think I need. BEST DECISION EVER. Sometimes you think you know what’s going on with your face, and lesson learned SOMETIMES YOU DON’T.

After cleansing my skin she took a look under that giant light mirror thing… “You’re skin is dehydrated, well almost all woman that come in here all have hydration issues.” I immediately responded - WHAT? I’ve been limiting my coffee, not drinking alcohol and chugging water on the reg. are you sure it’s not hormonal??? NOPE. I then asked Shannon, well shit, what are 3 things that I can do right now to get my skin hydrated ASAP? Heres what she suggested:

  1. Proper Self-Care.

    • Be aware of hydration and your intake of caffeine and alcohol and drink extra water to compensate what you’re depleting.

    • I am honestly on a hunt for self-care this month and this is the kick starter…. Start looking at what you are eating. If you eat like shit, your face will look like shit. Trust me, before I went in for my appointment my face was pissed at me and I blame my junk food snacking habit.


      My forehead breakouts are from dairy and man do I love my cheese! So maybe cut back on the cheese, I’m internally crying already.

  2. Exfoliate 3 times a week.

    • Here’s the thing I was not aware of… Grainy exfoliators are good. The one thing you need to look out for is jagged exfoliators (i.e. dried apricots- I know all of you know which exfoliator I’m talking about.) Jagged edges can cause the exfoliator to make small cuts in your face while exfoliating. Look for something with consistency, if it hurts it’s probably not for you. Exfoliating should never hurt.

  3. Start using Hyaluronic acid serum underneath your moisturizer.

    • This is what they call 8 glasses of water for your face. I’ve heard many people repeat this to me and this is the first time I am taking this to heart. I am investing in my face and I’m starting with a Hyaluronic Acid. (and well you know steps 1 and 2.)


Mint Green Spa Wellness Massage Serif Gift Certificate.jpg

Since I love Massage Sway so much, they’ve helped me create a special code that you can get 20% off a 50 min massage or facial. WIN. Are you ready…. The code is ALICIA20 just screen shot the image below.

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Here are the products I’m currently using: