The Day I Did My Hair Via YouTube Video's

Showering in the morning… not my thing. Blowdrying my hair?? FORGET ABOUT IT! This morning I was faced with an OH CRAP moment. You know those, the I slept through my alarm and need to look like a decent human moment? Yeah, that one. I was in a pinch until I remembered that Brighton Keller did a, how to look like a normal human with a blowdryer and dry shampoo video. BINGO. I found the video and began my conquest to hair normalcy. (Video below)


TO MY SUPRISE, it worked and it worked well. I’m now on cloud 9, I have the ‘I took time to get ready and do my hair’ look (which never happens.) With all that extra time on my hands I decided to go to the end of the “hair tutorial” internet black hole and back. Luckily it wan’t a waste of time. I found a video on how curl your hair with a flat iron, something that I’ve wanted to learn how to do for AGES! This was ballsy, for me… curling wand - yea I got you. Flat iron now that was a beast on it’s own. I tried the second video…

and I’m here to report that they both worked REALLY WELL. Side note the back of my head could look totally bogus but I’m in luck, I don’t have to look at the back of my head. WIN. Regardless, if you are in a pinch and you need your hair to look fly in 15, I highly recommend these 2 videos!

Here are the products I used on my hair:

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