The Goose is Loose! Golden Goose Dupes & Thoughts on Dirty Sneakers

This is not a ‘bash on $400 sneakers’ post. This is actually a post to convince my husband that dirty sneakers are cool. I am also not here to promote replica’s of designer shoes just an option for someone interested in the trend that looks the same. None of these say Golden Goose, they are just reallllll close to style of the real ones. Here are my thoughts and favorite dupes:


I get it… it’s a trend. An expensive one at that. I took the plunge and bought some GGDB dupes for $20 mainly because I needed some ACL shoes and I am a curious one. I learned very quickly that keeping all white sneakers (RIP COLE HAAN’s) to remain white is a feat on its own and I don’t have the patience for that. I took some time today to write a review on the sneakers I found some other ‘dupes’ that are super cute!

< The real goose shoes linked here those snake skin tho…. <3


After some heavy googling I found a pair for $30 and thought… why the hell not.

Here are the ones that I bought >

After I opened the package (which to my surprise didn’t take 3 weeks to get here) expecting a strong smell of Chinese “leather” I was surprised as it didn’t really have a scent. At first glance they looked a little bulky and they are not the Italian leather that the GGDB’s have. I slipped them on and they were SO DAMN COMFORTABLE. I now wear them pretty much when I will be on my feet for extended periods of time. I’m also not worried about getting them ruined or ‘dirty’ ha. However I will say they don’t have the $400 quality and if you are not a dupe kinda girl… save up for the real ones they are worth it!

The best Golden Goose Dupes.png

Linked here:



Snake (these are $100)


Cole Haan alternative