Love-Li Staple Items Series: Blazing through 2018

Chances are you likely already have a blazer in your closet somewhere. If you don't have a blazer in that closet of yours it may be time to rethink why that is... it wasn't until I entered into the business world that I purchased my first blazer (it was a black Banana Republic suit.) Since then the times have changed and I am in the most casual atmosphere in terms of work that I could be. Whether you work in a casual environment like me (aka leggings and workout gear) or you work in a professional setting it may be time to rethink the blazer. Think white, patterned, bright colors or just plain black. 


I'm going to start a series of items that I think every woman should have in their closet. The first one is a sassy blazer. I chose this white crisp blazer because of the clean lines that is has as well as the ruffled detailing on the back. 

How I wear it:

  • Jeans, a slouchy v-neck or cami and pumps
  • Black skinnies, your favorite sneakers, a striped long-sleeve shirt and a statement necklace
  • Over a long maxi dress
  • Over your fav LBD 
  • Blazer only (don't forget the fashion tape), a long layered necklace, jeans and some sassy pumps

Shop my favorites below: