Yes, Tasseled is actually a word (you're welcome scrabble players.)

Happy Fridayyy!!! I hope that everyone had a wonderful productive week and you're getting ready for the weekend.

This week was mainly composed of the start-up world, a 14 hour migraine induced nap, me attempting to use the lawnmower and trimmer; pilates, yoga and lunches with old friends (that may or may not have included an entire bowl of cheese.) I feel as if I'm getting hit with some hardcore allergies or I'm starting to get sick. So I presume that my weekend will consist of reading, relaxing, Netflix and hopefully it's sunny enough for me to awkwardly lay out on my back patio and get a TAN. Being a certain shade of pale depletes me of confidence. #floridagirl

Speaking of Netflix... Black Mirror. It's one of those shows that you watch and it just creeps up on you and then all of a sudden you're starting a a blank TV screen holding your knees to your chest trying to figure out if you just had an anxiety attack or watched an episode of Black Mirror (insert dramatic gasp in because that was the longest run-on sentence ever.) Seriously though, the show is great but watch with caution. INTENSE.

If you can't tell by the majority of my pictures these Jeffrey Campbell's - that were just restocked in all sizes- are my absolute favorite! When spring hits, I hit the florals pretty hard and these shoes pair so well with just about everything. This top is actually Cupcakes and Cashmere with a tiny bit of a crop. I paired it with my high waisted TopShop jeans (super sidenote - Jeans and I are not really friends so when I find jeans I love... I buy lots of them.) Topshop makes some really great jeans for the price, especially for long legs.

Speaking of Cupcakes and Cashmere... I'm 100% going to start doing a What I Wore to work this week and it's going to be hilarious... Monday- yoga pants; Tuesday- cotton dress, Wednesday - yoga pants; Thursday - Actually put real pants on. HA. Based on true events. 

Have a great weekend!