Stompin' in my air force ones...

I've never been one to be really into super trendy items. I am more of a boho-preppy type of girl, but for some reason the sporty spice in me came out in full force.  

I was recently in target and was as we all do on my way to purchase more than what I came into the store for. Naturally, I went in for 'most likely dry shampoo' and ended up walking out with some fun trendy high tops, earrings and a workout top. I went to work the next day and laughed with my co-workers abut how I was going to wear the high tops once and never wear them again. Well 2 weeks later, I am rocking them on the regular. 

Yes, they are from target. Yes, the are something completely out of my comfort zone but I LOVE THEM. 

I paired the hightops here with my black topshop skinny's and Trouve cold shoulder sweater in a light grey.  

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