The Reality of Blogging...

I've always had an obsession with fashion. Curating and styling was more of my thing than designing. Post undergrad school I applied for a fantastic interior design school. Despite the situations, I decided that it wasn't my time to delve into the life of a designer, so I passed.

A few years later business challenges made my heart race and motivated me to solve problems, but there was one thing missing... art. 

Everyone wants to become a successful blogger and live the life that we all see on social media. You know what I'm talking about, The Valentino shows, the Chanel bags and endless amounts of swag. After my second stint in an office environment, I realized that i always needed a space to be creative; to be able to be me and to be unfiltered. So this is my declaration to myself to be honest, be me and create or curate what I love. This is simply a space for me to be me and inspire you to be you. 

So, Hello, My name is Alicia, I'm goofy, i love to laugh, I consistently tell bad jokes and sometimes have a hard time balancing work and life; but hopefully I can instill some fun, curated fashion and maybe some inspiration along the way.

Disclimer: Blogging is not easy, it's not glamorous but it's something that brings me joy, so hopefully my unsolicited banter will keep you entertained with a few good images along the way.