Salsa Crop Top & Chronicles of Cook Volume IV

Happy 'Tough Guy Tuesday', which feels like a Monday, BOO. 

We had some friends over this weekend for a small Masters get together. I basically ate a pound of cheese and 2 loaves of bread. I'm for sure paying for it in Yoga this week.

For today's ramblings, I'm going to dive into the world of courage, which ties into vulnerability; to add to my Chronicles of Cook series that can be seen here, here and here. A lot of times we take on a new adventure (this blog can be a prime example.) As I've mentioned before it's hard to put yourself out there, but I've found the creativity and the courage to create what I like. A lot of times we tend to play down the exciting things that we have happening in our life. This doesn't take the pain away of something not happening, but it does diminish the importance of something when we decide to not talk about it before it happens (outcome good or bad) Which in turn your friends are likely to not call and say, hey I'm sorry that didn't happen.  In all honesty I go through stages where I actually question myself and if this is really something that will add value to my life. The answer is, that in that moment if it makes me ultimately happy, ABSOLUTELY. Because at the core it may sound minimal but I get giddy when Sam Edelman or Steve Madden like my instagrams, because in my mind they are appreciating my artistry. <3 

Showing courage in a new adventure shows vulnerability and then when said goal doesn't happen  it's comforting to reach out to that friend and say, "you know what this sucks and that didn't happen." but it boils down to vulnerability and courage to say something to someone else, not only for bonding purposes, but to become more of who you are.

So my lessons/goals this week are to:

1. Change my self-talk (having the courage to stop being so hard on yourself)... shit happens, it how we react and interact that is the most important.

2. Be more open to new experiences and sharing them with that people I care about. 

3. HAVE FUN with everything you do. PERIOD.


A trip to Zara... KILLED ME, but I saw this gorgeous blood orange off the shoulder puffy sleeve crop top and thought it would go great with my "I swear I'm going on vacation soon," wardrobe I'm slowly acquiring. I'm actaually sad I can't wear it more, but I will find a way. It's SO CUTEEEEEE, and under $100. #winning

Shirt: Zara, Pants: AG Shoes: Target, Scarf: Zara