9 to 5'ing it

Happy Monday...

What's your work environment like? 

If you didn't know, I work for a start-up here in Austin and I am in the Personnel department, so you can imagine that I get asked a few times, "what's appropriate to wear to work?" 

While I feel like this is a loaded question, each office has it's different vibe. The vibe we set in our office is just be comfortable. I wear yoga pants (or workout gear) at least once a week to the office. There's lot of people who wear t-shirts and sneakers, and that makes our environment relaxed. Every so often I wear some wedges or a dress, but it really depends on what my mood is. 

A friend of mine decided one day that she wanted to dress up one day a week, so we would dress up on Friday, and called it "Fancy Friday" and then we would treat ourself to a new restaurant in Austin. Which made for a good dress up day and a fun exploration of all the new restaurants popping up in Austin.

This outfit is for all you casual office ladies out there! I'm weating my favorite pair of jeans, a fun colorful top and a pop of lip color! 

Links to my outfit are down below and the shirt is on sale:

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