Tips for saving Money at Starbucks!

STARBUCKS! It's a word that I have loved to hate. When it comes to coffee I have always liked to go to the little indie coffee shops. You know those local dives that make their own whipped cream in front of you! Well lately I have realized that in a rush it's a lot more convenient to just drive-thru starbucks and grab a iced coffee... until you look at your wallet/bank statement and realize that you probably could have spent that money on a new pair of monlo's. I was recently sent an article on 'How to save money at Starbucks' and found it quite intriguing. This can also apply at other coffee shops as well! So here are a few ways to save money while still keeping the quality:

- You can refill your coffee for only $.50
- Bring your own cup
- Buy the Beans in bulk
- Register your old gift cards as a 'starbucks card' and receive free coffee customizations (free syrup, soy etc...)
- Get a gold Card (Frequent Starbucks Customers) 10% off of every order.
- Treat Receipts- If you purchase a coffee before 2pm you can receive any Grande drink for $2.00 after 2pm.

Here is the entire article where I got the information: Savvy Sugar, Tips for Saving Money at Starbucks

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