Cupcake Wine

So I have been having a recent obsession with cupcakes. I find myself occasionally doodling them just about everywhere. God forbid there be a cupcake on sale at the local coffee shop, *Cough* Strawberry cupcake with choc frosting *Cough*... *POOF* there goes my diet! Nonetheless, I stumbled upon 'Cupcake Wine.' Not only is the presentation of the bottle oh so cute it was marked at $13 a bottle.

 As I took the first sip of the wine my first initial reaction was creamy. It's very creamy with a bit of a bite, yet not too much of either. Overall rating I would give it a B+. It has all of the components of a Chardonnay that I enjoy, the smooth almost buttery taste with a nice finish. It's got a great California Feel to it. I tried it with some Oaxaca Chili Pepper Chocolate I obtained from Vosges.

Well Played Cupcake Vineyard

This was Released by the Marketing Director of Cupcake Vineyards:
"With the gourmet cupcake trend accelerating and Cupcake boutiques opening up across the country, there is an opportunity for a wine that is crafted to invoke the feeling that you get when reward yourself" remarks Marketing Director Nicolas Tucker. "The 'more is more' consumer can’t get enough of Cupcake’s complex flavor – especially for the modest price point."

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