Summer Sike Out!!

Dear Weatherman, 
First off I would like to say a BIG THANKS for getting my hopes up this weekend. During my 40 hour workweek you have been promising me sunshine this weekend... It is Saturday, I see no sun!
Second, Next time could you please be pessimistic and try not to get my hopes up? 
Love Alicia.

In the meantime I am going to pretend that it's sunny and I am putting on my new suit and walking into my backyard... aka the beach! :) 
Here are a few summer lovlies that I have seen thus far. A little early I know but I can't help it I live in Florida.

At first sight when I saw these I thought that the ankle embellishments were crystals... I still like them but I would like them better if they were crystals! 

TWang by Alexander Wang

Vanessa Bruno Athe
This is a gym bag but I would totally rock it everyday!!