New Addition to Wholesome Fashion: Alexa

Welcome Alexa my sister as a guest blogger  to Wholesome Fashion. I thought she would make a great occasional Guest Blogger & addition to our blog! She has a great sense of style and she's hilarious!!! Here is a little questionnaire to get to know her better! 

Fashion Icons: 
It varies, as of right now im digging vanessa hudgens in this outfit.

Favorite designers:
Ella moss:


Key items in your closet right now:
 Jean Shorts

Hunter chocolate rain boots

 floral print dresses

Favorite Band:
jj (song: ectasy)

Favorite TV show:
Gossip Girl

Top three Shoe designer (since obvi we can't pick one!!!):
Micheal Kors:

 Cynthia Vincent:

 Dolce & Gabbana: