Blog award, for me?

I'm just so shocked I did not have a speech prepared. ;) jk, on a serious note, I would really like to thank everyone who has given my blog fuel within the last year! Having people look and actually like what I post, is truely an amazing feeling! So thank you guys for following and showing love! 

I received this award from Kayla check out her blog here. My first blog award! 
I am going to change the rule a little and add pics! 

The Rules:
•Accept and thank the person who gave it to you!
•List 10 things about yourself
•List 5 additional things you DON'T like
•Then pick ten people to give this lovely award to!
10 Things about me:

I live on the beach
This is my backyard.

One day I will live in NYC!
and Austin

I have an extreme addiction to shoes

My iPhone is my life!

I wear big poofy skirts or dresses every day, you will rarely catch me in jeans.

I have a beach cruiser and it is my choice of transportation, unless i'm going to work.

I paint my nails every 3 days... no lie
 I've been practicing Yoga for 5 years and it's the best thing that's happened to me besides E 
I still watch Disney Movies... you know you do too don't lie!
 I used to work at Betsey Johnson! (Best Job ever, if only they paid me more and on salary with benefits!) ;)
5 Things I don't like:
Soda or any extreme sugar drink.
Rush Hour Traffic
Jean Skirts (Esp the ones from Abercrombie) ugh sorry guys they just irk me!
Chipped nail polish! (Just take it off!)

I am passing this award on to: