Case of the Mondays: Being Office Chic

I have decided that Monday's should be themed as well as (Wedge) Wednesdays! Since I am always trying to accommodate my summer wardrobe to fit my work style I decided to blog about office fashion. It's something I really have not seen much of, but would like to see more often. From now on 'Case of the Monday's' will be dedicated to being fabulous and professional. 

My one rule is that I will not conform to the black pants and button down shirt outfit no matter how desperate I get. I feel that fashion does not have to suffer just because you're going to the office.

So I'm kicking off the office chic series with Pencil Skirts. They are a staple in my office wardrobe! My favorites are my patterned skirts and also my tangerine Pencil skirt from J.Crew. It's all about mix-matching and color. Here are a few outfits for inspiration!