It's always like this

Wishing everyone a great TGT (Tough Guy Tuesday), 3 more days until my trip to Michigan and baby it's BOATING season. Mind that fact that I look like i just woke up in the pic on the bottom.

What I love about this outfit is the belt, I actually bought this belt from Wet Seal. Yea, I know...really wet seal, we won't even breach the subject of why I was in there. Well since you asked... E was on an all day photo trip so I made a day trip to Saks, and the only other stores in this mall are Wet Seal, Francesca's(which I love), bebe (which is not my forte) and Banana Republic(which is hit or miss). So I tried on $1200 dresses and $4 shirts! Quite the spectrum in that mall. When I saw this belt it reminded me of Jane from Sea of Shoes and when I first started getting into the blogging world. How I still envy her shoe collection (or should I say her moms.)

So I present to you look number 22:

I'm loving this Olive Green for fall!

and a song for the day click here to listen
Happy Birthday to my Best Friend Katie in Nashville, i love and miss you so much!
I hope you have an amazing Birthday.