Awake my soul

Lately I have found myself playing Mumford and Sons at high volumes and harmonizing around the house. At first when I heard the band M&S I was reluctant to accept them, mainly because they have a sound so similar to the Avett Brothers, and the Avett Brothers hold a place in my heart that can never be replaced! After a few songs popped up on my shuffle, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. Needless to say 55 minutes later I had a favorite song and a CD that I am unable to stop playing! I swear give me a band with a fiddle and a loud bass drum and I'm in!I am not going to lie, I am taken aback by the lyrics that literally stop me in my tracks. Their orchestrated sound and the scratchy voice of the lead singer is a collaboration done so perfectly. This is almost as serious as when I went through my Manchester Orchestra obsession. Be afraid.
Fav songs: White Blank Page, Awake my soul

Now that I'm done musically venting... I have a very important question!
 I need to do something with my hair, should I go dark or light??!?!!?!

I'm pulling towards darker...

Also I bought new shoes... are you surprised? 

I got them on sale, hardcore sale:
My new J.Simps that are so tall I almost hit my head on the fan. ha
LOVE! <3