Canadian Tuxedo

So I'm staring at my 30 items, ugh already I'm tired of staring at the same items!!! ... Jean on jean? nahhh..well maybe, hummm not sure if I can rock that or not, it's a little too similar to all the Rednecks here in FL that run around in Jorts and jean vests! Whatever, lets try it.... and, surprisingly i loved it!!!! I will wear this again, loves! Oh and I'm channeling Police Academy 2 in this set... ha.

...and according to my 30 for 30,  live in this denim shirt!!! Sorry for the multiple posting (but I guess that's what this challenge is about!) lol,

{Jeans- J.Crew, Shirt- Gap, Necklace- My Aunt Barbara, Shoes- Banana Republic, Glasses- Raybans}

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