Longboards && Raybans

Today I was reading This Time Tomorrow a daily read and she mentioned something that sunk in. Krystal said :
I remember the lovely Jessica of What I Wore posting about this a few weeks ago, but as a fashion blogger, it's easy to compare yourself a lot. I have to admit, there are mornings I wake up and get discouraged because I don't have a certain pair of shoes that so and so wears these days or my vintage dresses don't quite have the same feel as another blogger's. And of course, there's the ever perpetuating dilemma: why can't I own everything Chloe Sevigny wears?!

And then I remind myself: let it go.
I could not agree more. You will have good days and you will have bad days but all in all stay true to yourself, feel comfortable and most of all have fun! Fashion to me is creative outlet that allows me to express myself.

Here is look # 23 (7 left) Woo-hoo!!!!

{Shirt- American Eagle, Skirt-F21, Shoes- Harajuku Girls, Glasses- Raybans}

p.s. love the sticker in the left corner!! lol FREAK