Look 25 & 26 + the giveaway winner

Hey!!! I am back from my trip, sorry for the long pause in my blog. I am finally back, unpacked and can semi-relax, well until work tomorrow! The trip was awesome, pics to come!!!! I used my sisters Nikon D3000 instead of the Canon G10 just to test the difference in quality. I think we might finally be selling the Canon G10 aka my first child. E is looking into the G12! :)
First order of business is the give away winner, congrats to Linda Rose of Rose a la mode, you are the OPI winner! Contact me via e-mail at heartsbowskiss@gmail.com with your address so I can send you this lovely nail polish!! :)

Second order of business is look #25 & 26 of my 30 for 30 challenge! I'm almost done, and so excited so I can show the rest of my wardrobe and not just these 30 items. Although I will admit I did get mucho creative!

 {Shirt- American Rag, Skirt- American eagle dress (tucked), Belt- Wet Seal, Shoes- Banana Republic}

{Shirt- H&M (dress worn as shirt), Skirt- J.Crew, Shoes- Aldo}