Northern Greetings

Before I share the pictures with you from our trip to Michigan, lets recap from the Emmy's.
My first pick is Claire Danes who stole my heart with this dress. Coming in second for shortest/most stunning dress I have ever seen in my life Heidi Klum seen here. Also, January Jones looks stunning in that blue getup, E! you were way off for putting her in the bottom of the list! Last, but definatly not least. Jennifer Carpenter looks stunning in this dress!

Here are my pics from Michigan, in these pics I am rocking my bathing suit and sperry's on a windy cold day out on Lake St. Claire. Perfect example of a dumb FL girl. (What Sunny boat day?!?!!?) NOT! Needless to say we made a pit stop at the Yacht club to say hi to everyone and pick up a few new sweatshirts!!! 

P.S. I saw these pics and decided it was time to do something with the hair!!!! I think I might go a shade darker for winter! It's just to flat and I don't feel like maintaining it. ha

Me and my sister Anna
My sister Alexa
<3 E, the love of my life!!! :)

Hope everyone has a fab Monday!!