I have finally finished my 30 for 30 challenge. I have successfully created 30 outfits out of 30 individual items of clothing. I feel like I should have a speech prepared... I'd like to thank my mom, my boyfriend and most of all.... 
*tacky music starts playing*
my sisters for letting me.....
*tacky music gets louder*
and then I get pushed off stage, while the camera pans on Leighton Meester and her beyond too tight leather dress and ridiculously high combat heels. 

Yea, that just happened. 

Here is look number 30. Granted, it's not the greatest look that I have come up with but gosh darn it, at least it's not a repeat! So enjoy the last photo form the 30 for 30 collection, because I can't wait to start styling with the rest of my closet, and all my new shoes!!!!!

{American Eagle Shirt, Maya Star Shorts, Charlotte Russe Shoes, Headband- f21}