Ready to Start

First of all I would like to apologize for my lack of blog posts. I have been neglecting my inner fashionista. However it is for a good reason, I am currently:

- Redecorating the house (deciding on bathroom colors)
- Looking at Grad schools (and yes I will be maintaining a full-time job as well! I'm insane I know)
-Maintaining a daily workout
- Working in as a Junior Accountant full time
-Packing and unpacking the ever traveling bf (who is finally home!!!!!!)
doing laundry, cleaning the house and still remembering to eat dinner. lol
and those are just the basics!

After our photo-shoot with Susan from Illume on Saturday, I decided to buy a new flat screen! andddd a new "keep in the purse" digital camera! Yep, you guessed it my tech-savvy beau silently flipped as I told him that I bought it because it was on sale! ha, well needless to say we are defiantly enjoying the new TV!

So today is a mixed bag kinda day! A little bit of venting, a little bit of fitness and a little bit of fashion!

My friend and KD sister Julie has a blog that I read regularly, Peanut Butter Fingers, she blogs about fitness and food and her life. Today I found a new workout that she uses... and I am in love. Although I have to admit I could only do 2 sets. She also gives me inspiration for healthy lunches.
 If you all were unaware I am a complete gym rat! :) Just ask my personal trainer whom I used to almost pass out on daily.

Well enough of the personal stuff and more fashion!!!!

My favorite looks from LookBook this week:
These leather shorts are so sassy, I loveeeee them!