Vintage Vixen

Sorry for the irregular posting. It's been a crazy week! My nerves are off the wall. Will update soon, when I can. :)

I have so many pics from when we did the Illume dress up a few Saturday's ago. Here is another Vintage item that caught my eye. It's a belt/necklace and has sea scape items all over it! I love how Susan can really see 4 or 5 different ways to wear one necklace. She pulled this piece out and made it a choker, a belt, and a long necklace. I was amazed. I wanted it immediately!

{F21 top, Jcrew Jeans, J.Simp Shoes}

The belt really completes the outfit and makes the outfit so chic!
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. E's 27 inch imac arrives today! :) I'll tweet it later! P.S. Currently listening to Active Child!