If I kiss you where it's sore...

... will you feel better, better?
 Currently listening to Regina Spektor and loving every min of it! :) 
Today I booked my flight home for Christmas! So excited and so pale, for the first time in my life, I am going to look like a tourist! I might need to visit light bulb beach before I head home!

Even though I have been depressed because there is no sun here and the wind is so strong I feel as if I am in a really freaking cold hurricane constantly, I have been accumulating many of pictures of items that need to sneak into my closet. (whoa longest run on sentence ever!)

Here are thing that I have my eye on:

 These pants! <3

 Fendi Rain-boots, or any high heeled rain-boot

 This mustard colored full skirt

 These SASSY red pumps!

and this oxforx-esque bright red jacket!

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