Week in pictures

I am so very sorry of the lack of posts! However, I did mange to move everything out of the beach house, clean the beach house and still manage to eat & sleep within 3 days. Now because of the stress and the inability to sit down and relax, I am fighting a cold. This is no bueno because it's Royal Oak's first NYE downtown, on the corner of my street. I'm talking ball dropping and the Gin Blossoms. HA 90's flashback? I think so.

Well here is a recap of this week in pictures:

Christmas Day Dress by Manoush

Mom's Dog little Maxie


Christmas Brunch

Beach House Pre-deconstruction

Me and 1/2 of Zoey diving home from the airport

The New Apartment, not including the stuff from the Beach House

Dad's Dog Zoey!

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful NYE. At this rate I feel as though I will be spending my NYE sipping Chicken Noodle Soup versus Champagne!