So today I turn 26. Wow, where have the years gone? I always seem to reflect on the past just a tad more when it's my birthday. So i decided to pay a tribute to all the lovely birthdays that I have had! Well the ones that I can scrounge up pictures from! :)

There was that one time in college when Whitney tied a pinata to the fan and blinded me with a scarf! lol We're pretty luck I didn't smash our big screen.

Then there was the Tea Party.

 Then the Brazilian Steakhouse (with my mom)

 Katie and I well being Katie and I! 

 Dancing our lives away!

Then there was the one that I decided I wanted everyone to go 70's Roller skating!
Gotta love E's feathered out hair!

MB, Whit, me & Christa on a birthday.

  Last year E and I took a trip to Texas! :)

(bike riding AND taking photographs! So talented) :)

Here's to another year! E has been bringing me 2 cupcakes a day for this entire week, I'm excited to see what Cupcakes he chooses today! I also have the day off, so I am planning on hitting the Nail Salon, tanning bed and the mall! Wish me luck!

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