Corporate Style

Still in Chi-town, enjoying the weather from inside the training center! :)
Our home office is located in the burbs of Chi-town. Since it's a different environment than my normal office in Detroit and a little more conservative I thought I would share my outfits for today and tomorrow. Kinda give a Corporate Chic Stylistic approach. I've found that 99% of the corporate world adheres to the black suiting rule, however I will not. Sure I get a few bad looks here and there because I'm sure they are jealous that I got to wear leopard print and they are stuck in their black pants, but that's OK.

I think my main approach is to either wear a nice pencil skit or at least to deconstruct the suit and only wear one item at a time. For instance instead of relying on the basic suiting idea, keep the jacket and opt for a bright colored tailored skirt. I picked up a great dress up at H&M that is my go-to corporate dress that I wear with a suit jacket or a bright cardigan. Here is a similar look to what I wore today and what I plan on wearing tomorrow.
corporate 2
I think the key pieces of being able to keep it classy and creative at the same time lie in the tailoring. Making sure you are buying quality items that are not too tight, and not showing skin. Showing skin in the workplace is tacky. So forget those tight body con dresses and buy those sassy stilettos instead! Also depending on the meeting I wear pantyhose under my dresses and skirts, just makes it a tad more conservative, plus I'm pale. :)
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