Early Morning Workouts

So this morning was the my first 6am workout routine. It wasn't as painful as I thought that it would be, mainly because I woke up at 4 and couldn't get back to bed! So at around 5:30 I decided to put on the running shorts and start my conquest to the gym.

Lifetime Gym @ 6am

Since last night on our drive home from Columbus we decided to hit up Cracker Barrel...
and we ordered our fare share of calories! Including the Apple Dumpling Dessert with 2 Scoops of Ice Cream. (and No we didn't finish it!) E and I both woke up this morning and we have agreed that we both are still full from last night! lol

Yea it was pretty Hardcore! Hence the reason why I went to the gym this morning!!!

...and here is an outfit that I wore  to work when it was warmer outside!
Finally got to wear my mustard Gap skirt!!!

I know you love the self-bathroom pic. ha. and I know, I'm pale.. I have addressed the situation already, I am a slight shade darker! :)