Music && Fashion

Music and fashion is my life! Without a good song a a sassy pair of heels and well of coarse E! :) I think I would be completely lost! My Pandora One station has been set on Andrew Bird for a few days now, his music is so memorizing and well FANTASTIC!
So here are a few songs that I have been obsessing over, followed by some stellar fashion! :) Wishing you all a fabulous Tough Guy Tuesday! :)

p.s. tomorrow is my birthday, and the boss gave me the day off... hello Mani/Pedi day! :)

Songs that are running my life lately (click for youtube link):

In college everyone used to steal my mixtapes- aka CD's, more recently a friend of mine who happens to have excellent taste in music aka Jessi (who I have mentioned on the blog before here) and I have been dropboxing stellar albums and mixtapes!

and my daily fashion itch:

Marie Claire (love the mix of patterns)

in LOVE with this dress!

Pretty inspiring rooms!

Nicole looking fabulous as always

and of coarse my red pants! :)