Shopping Update: Chicago

So I am totally in love with Chicago! Mainly because it's sunnier than Michigan... but more importantly beacuse the shopping is great as well. So 2 weeks ago I was in Chicago and I had the chance to take a day and just roam around Michigan Avenue. Started the day at Starbucks got a Mint Green Tea with Honey then started heading down Michigan Avenue. First stop was Anthropolgie, and let me tell you it was fantastic! 3 stories and filled with more clothes than I could ever handle.

Fitting Room in anthro.

The Skirt that stole my heart at Anthro.

Next stop was H&M, Bloomingdales and a few boutiques on the way! I decided to take a break and eat some sushi at Taiyo Hapa, I had a Lobster and asparagus roll which was so tasty and unique.
Then back to shopping... 

Haute Hippy Shoes, at a random boutique <3

Beautiful Day in the city.

One day was not nearly enough time to explore the shopping in Chicago, but it was a great escape from the everyday work life.
*Downtown Detroit picture update coming soon.