The Long weekend: Memorial Day

Happy Tough Guy Tuesday!

I was so thankful for the long weekend, mainly because it was midterms week, but also because I needed a break from the world. Friday I did a half day at work and more Hot Yoga. 

Saturday E had a photo shoot with Stylist Camaratta Juliette who is totaly fabulous! this is the result of a stylist && a photographer, you get a Light stand clothing rack! lol

After the long day of shooting we tried a new gourmet burger place downtown, Burgerz where I devoured a Cheeseburger with grilled onions and jalepeno's, it was similar to five guys minus the extra grease and the menu had a larger selection.

On Sunday E took me for a shopping day  in downtown Birmingham where i discovered this little gem:

and a few fab boutiques: The Annex & Tender where they had killer decor.

Plus I found an instant photo op...

Don't judge the outfit I was clearly thinking that I was in Texas, as always.

After walking down every street we ended up a brooklyn pizza and scored 2 sliced of mexican pizza, which I am going to try to make at home! Cheese sausage && Jalapeños (if you can't tell I love jalapeños!). 

We finally made it back home, we walked to go see the New Pirates movie, which i loved! In Royal Oak's newly built movie theater with Lazy-boys and wine. :)

On Monday we debated between making a road trip out to Ann Arbour or to the Boat for some Memorial Day fun. We ended up going to the boat and getting SUPER burnt. You would think that the Floridian that visits the tanning bed would be able to hang in the Michigan sun...

apparently not, I am fried today.