I'm not normally a boaster, but I must share all of the amazing things that I got for my birthday, mainly because I have been blogging about them for about 4 months!! 

So first off I finally got a hold of those red skinnies I have been talking about forever!

J Brand
 Also seen on Fashiontoast (except she cut hers, I think I'll leave mine in tact! :) )

 and this photograph reminds me of Austin, and makes me really jealous. That's it I'm planning a trip to Texas. It's officially been 1 year and I am Texas deprived.

anddd that Anthroplogie skirt I have been eyeing for quite sometime! :)

I also got the new NIKE Free-Fit's:
They really are like walking on clouds, and the most comfortable running/training shoes to date.

Then the Hunger Games Trilogy, One down and two to go! I killed the first one in  two sittings, well one sitting being a Sunday ;) WARNING: These books are highly addictive.

Sad deflated birthday balloons! Which officially means that the birthday celebration is over.

Hope you all are having a lovely week! It's almost FRIDAY!