Day off

So last night E and I researched kittens, I'm pretty sure we are going to get one within the next month. E is particularly interested in a Bengal Kitten. Bengal Cats are gorgeous, but are  more so like mini-leopards. In fact they have been bread from an Asian Leopard, and are very outgoing... I'm talking to the point where you have to take them out on leashes, they talk to you and like to take baths!? Yea, a cat that likes to take baths. The great thing about them is that they rarely shed and have a 1% allergen rate. Which is great because most of my friends are allergic to cats, or at least claim they are, LOL! So today we are going to the shelter to look at kittens that dont cost 2k. :)
Yesterday on my lunch break I went to DSW to look for shoes to accompany my dress that I am wearing to the wedding. Well I did not find shoes for the wedding, however, I did manage to score some Sam Edelman's! Luckily I had a $10 off coupon (b/c I buy so many shoes) and they were on sale! :) They are the perfect summer sandal and I can't wait to break them in!

 This morning I made fresh baked banana muffins and my usual tea regimen. Earl Grey with 1 splenda.

Wishing everyone a fab Friday, I am off to get my hair done and get a mani/pedi!